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About Snillrik

This is the secret society known only as Snillrik, named after the ancient swedish word that translates into ”Calling the magical creatures with the whisper of all futures”. Or nifty, ok more like nifty.

What we do is things we find interesting, funny or stuff that makes us better i any or all ways. We’re a think tank for the not too serious or the odd. We do have lots of ideas for good things, and we are more towards saving and helping the world than ruling it.

Even if we totally could if we wanted to. We are Snillrik.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of engineers, entrepreneurs, and other people with ideas a bit out of the ordinary, new solutions to all types of problems. We attack problem concerning everything from dorky toys to starvation and everything inbetween. Ie automated drones.

What is our goal

We don’t have one, we always find new projects and the goal is to solve the problems within that project.